A Message from the Founder

Welcome to the corporate website of The Pinnacle School in which our e-learning portal has been embedded. Our students, faculty and parents have already begun to integrate their communications with the school through www.thepinnacleschool.com and use e-learning as an excellent interface. I am sure you will enjoy browsing through this important link with the educational processes that make us one of the premier educational institutions in Delhi. This website is one of the two exciting technological developments that we launched in 2010. The other was a dynamic interactive website-www.pinnacleprism.com, whose podcast has become the talk of the town. Focusing on all the co-curricular activities of the school, it is informative, chatty, fun and everything a student or the community needs to know about us and the world around us. Now, we are truly on the information super-highway!

As we catch our breath after the frenetic activity of 2010, we have already put into motion a great many plans to make 2011 even more rewarding for our students. Besides a rigorous academic schedule, we will continue to build on the foundations that will allow them to grow into responsible citizens of our country. For our seniors, leadership initiatives will be the focus, whilst drama, music, sports and other exciting activities will allow everyone to participate in learning the values of discipline, teamwork and courage, whilst having fun at the same time.

Please continue to log into our websites constantly to get a feel of everything that makes your school a really special place to be in. I would like to thank all my dedicated teachers for their support, especially those who have shown such great initiative in launching these new projects.

Thank you students and parents alike, for entrusting yourselves to this institution- we promise that we will pursue all our common goals with the same zeal and dedication that we have exhibited over the past 60 years.

Warm Regards,

Gail DeMonte