The Pinnacle Song

To learn is to lead‘ is the motto we believe,

And the hand of God in all that we see,

It’s a secret that we know,

And forever we will grow

In peace and in harmony……….Chorus

Pinnacle, Pinnacle,

It’s a peak that we pledge to reach

Every challenge that we face, every ideal we embrace

Our school’s name forever be praised.

We make no compromise in the tasks we undertake

Our quest for excellence never ending,

Chasing dreams, making plans

Reaching out to needy hands

In adversity, we’re never bending…………..(Repeat chorus)

All the steps that we take and the choices that we make

Are there to help us grow and evolve

For our school, for our nation

And our parents’ aspirations

Is a pledge of our firm resolve………………..(Repeat chorus)