Adventure Camp



The Pinnacle Camp at Gailpur (Alwar District) has been established to provide children and adults with an exciting outdoor experience, where they will learn new life and leadership skills. Set amidst 2.5 acres of verdant greenery in a rural setting, it utilizes solar energy and other environmental protective measures.
The Pinnacle Camp provides a safe educational environment that allows children to learn life-skills. They are also taught to protect the environment and nurture a yearning for adventure.
They are encouraged to participate in team games around the obstacle course and in sporting activities such as football, volleyball, netball, tennis, cricket and handball. Trained school staff is in attendance at all times.
Here is an article written by one of the staff members: An overnight trip was organized specially for the teachers at The Pinnacle Camp in the month of November, 2010.It was a wonderful experience as the teachers interacted in a carefree environment and became closer to each other. Innumerable games were organized for them and the fantastic prizes they won were a talk of the school for many days. The camel – cart ride was particularly enjoyable.
It was a memorable experience and was thoroughly enjoyed by the teachers who are looking forward to a trip like this again.
In the month of March, 2011 for the first time classes VI and VII were taken to Gailpur for an overnight trip. Children were bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm as they got a chance to be with their friends. Their eyes were gleaming with excitement as they stepped down the bus. The obstacle race, cycling, kho-kho and kabbadi were some of the games that were organized by the sports teachers. In the evening the children were taken for a camel – cart ride around the village. The next evening the children were excited to meet their parents and share their experiences of the fun they had with all those willing to hear them.