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Co-Curricular Activities

Happiness Class
A workshop on 'Happiness' was organized on 1st of March 2023 in the School for the Teachers. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Sumit Sharma. He laid emphasis on inculcation on ‘Happiness Classes’ as the same makes learning more holistic and contemporary coveringa wide  range of skills viz. cognitive, social-emotional and behavioral dimensions. He further explained that education should be imparted in such a way that it should be ‘education for sustainable development and citizenship’.The workshop was interactive, informative and supported by short PPT’s and graphical representation.


The SUPW activity display was held on 1st February 2023 from classes 6-8.  Students from various clubs, i.e. Pottery, Sports, Yoga, Big Bang Club, Movie Making Club & Theatre Club had performed and laid out their work done in the 2nd Term. A little progress each day adds up to big results. “Satya Nani”



SUPW has an important place in the curriculum. It develops individual skills, habit to work as a community, encourage community thinking and develop scientific temper. On 3rd February, 2023 SUPW display for classes 4 and 5 was done. Children from various SUPW clubs such as theatre, art and craft, environment club, yoga, dance and Science club displayed their work. The art and craft students displayed their new products made out of waste, yoga students displayed various ‘asanas’ and dance children put up a spending dance performance. The theatre club students presented a skit on ‘Akbar and Birbal’. The Science club students displayed models and experiments on water cycle, water dispenser, miscibility of liquids etc. This leads better understand scientific knowledge through science experiments and develop a general interest in science.Learning the socially useful activities boosts the morale of the students and make them self-reliant as well.

Inter House Competition

Clay Modeling activity was conducted for Classes IV & V.  Children made beautiful artwork out of modelling clay viz. Clay Snail, Fruit Basket,  Clay Cone Ice-cream, Clay Caterpillar etc.For Classes VI - VIII Phool Walon Ki Sair activity was done. Where Children made artwork out of mixed petals, decoration material etc. Children enjoyed the activities in the classes.Three winners from each class were chosen.


A patriotic poem session by classes 4-7,took place today. There were choral and individual poems recited beautifully by the children with great fervour. The courtyard resounded with Vande Mataram and Jai Hind.

Special mention must be made of Harsh Rawat who played the melody for class 4 choral poem on the synthesizer. All the solos deserve special mention. Class 7 choral patriotic melody with synchronised hand and foot movement enthralled the audience.

Colours of Nature

“Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.”
An inter house competition on “Colours of Nature” was conducted on 21st January 2023 for classes IV to VIII. It inspired them to think and work creatively to promote artistic excellence. The participants displayed their imagination, colouring skill and creativity through this competition. They came up with amazing artwork which was a treat to the eyes.


The Christmas Special Assembly was conducted by class VII on 22nd Dec 2022. The assembly commenced with the lighting of the Advent candles followed by a Prayer. Then the students performed a scintillating dance and show-cased their acting skills with the skit ‘The reason for the Season’ with the message that we forget the real reason of any festival and pay attention to material things. Everyone enjoyed and appreciated the assembly. The Raffle and Bumper was held for Teachers and students with a lot of attractive prizes and gift vouchers. Secret Santa activity was held in the classrooms where children gave gifts to one another and cards too were made.

Computer week

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.”

David Warlick

The Pinnacle School has celebrated CompuBrain Week for classes IV-IX. Children had participated wholeheartedly. Students made various projects like 3D poster on Sustainable Development Goals, Flash cards on latest technology, working models of ATM machine, Projector, Robots and Drones.


Commerce week was observed in the last week of November for classes 11 & 12. The students were involved in a plethora of activities from skits on consumer protection, economics antakshari - making them well versed in economic jargon etc .The students understood a lot of new things about the subjects and in the process unveiled a lot of hidden opportunities that come with these subjects.


Math is the glue that binds our lives together. Be it the number of times we breathe, the number of hours we work or the money we spend, math is ingrained in everything. This is what the Math teachers tried to expose the students to in the Math week, which was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in the first week of December.

‘Children’s Day’

14th November is a day that every child looks forward to and to make it special for the children the teachers from The Pinnacle School put together a heartwarming performance. They danced, sang and did a funny play to make this day memorable for everyone. The children cheered the teachers and thanked them wholeheartedly for all the efforts put in. 

‘Children’s Day’
A variety entertainment programme was put up by the Teachers of the Junior School for ‘Children’s Day’.  It started with a prayer and there was dancing and skits.  The children enjoyed the programme with so much excitement.

Gurunanak Jayanti 

Students of The Pinnacle School presented a special assembly on the occasion of Gurunanak Jayanti on 7th November ’22. The assembly commenced with a prayer followed by a demonstration of the customary
‘Prabhat Pheri’.  The students also shared the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Clean up drive
A "Clean up drive"  was organised by the students of classes IV and V from the Environment Club. The main objective of the Clean-Up Drive was  to promote cleanliness and a healthy environment around us.


Excursion to Tuglakabad Biodiversity Park

On 1st November 2022 The Pinnacle School Eco Club team went to Tughlakabad Biodiversity Park. Mr. Rohit Singh, Scientific Supervisor informed the students about the flora and fauna found in the park. He also talked about the native species, habitat of birds, reptiles, etc.  and briefed them on how raw sewage water is treated in the wetland areas. Overall the excursion was very informative.

National Unity Day 2022

National Unity Day or Rashtriya Ekta Diwas is observed on October 31st every year to celebrate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who served as the first Home Minister of India after Independence.

Classes 9-12 did a unity run to show how much we value unity and presented an assembly voicing the same sentiments of love and unity. Classes 6-8 had a poster making competition on the topic 'Unity Day'.

Halloween Eve

Halloween is the most looked forward to day of the year and so, on popular demand, we celebrated "Halloween" in the school on 29th October 2022, with great enthusiasm.

Children made spooky images, sketches and craft using various accessories like straws, earbuds, paper plates, balloons etc. and crafted various images. It was a day full of fun. Children displayed enthusiasm and the school looked vibrant with the decorations done by them.

Diwali Assembly

The students from class 5 conducted the Diwali assembly on 21st October 2022. They participated in the dance, talks, poems, skits and aartis. The students were very happy to be a part of the assembly. They learnt the importance of good over evil.

Diwali Assembly : Pre- School to Class 3
An atmosphere of excitement filled the air when the students from Pre-school to class 3 came dressed in colourful costumes to celebrate 'Diwali' with their teachers and friends. The children participated in the 'Diwali Assembly ' whith songs, poems, dances etc. and ended with the Ramlila.

Founder Day
The children of Pre- School to class 3 came dressed in their 'Blue’ party clothes which was the favourite colour of our founder. They had a fun-filled day with a variety of activities, music, games and special snacks organized by their class teachers.

Moral Foundations
Moral values are standards that help an individual choose between good and bad. Instilling moral values in children helps them develop positive character traits. Keeping this in mind, a fun- filled activity week  on Moral values was conducted by the school from 22nd August to  26th August, 2022.  The activities related to it were conducted in the school courtyard.The students participated with zeal and we're excited to share and relate their experiences and ideas.

Krishna Janmashtami 
On 18th August, 2022 Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great pomp and festivity by the students of class 4. Children presented dance performances and a short role play. In the skit, the birth of Lord Krishna was depicted giving out the message of victory of good over evil. Students came traditionally dressed as Radha and Krishna. The skit illustrated the fact that whenever there will be dominance of malevolence ‘He’ that is Lord Krishna will reincarnate to destroy the evil and save the good.

The students were overjoyed when the ‘Dahi Handi’ boys broke the ‘Dahi Handi’ (pot of butter & curd) to grace this occasion. Dahi Handi is the most ancient joyful game played and celebrated, for the birth of Krishna in Janmashtamiand is celebrated amidst merriment. This holy occasion of Janmashtami brings people together and signifies unity and faith.
The day progressed with the warm wishes for Krishna Janamashtmi from our Principal ma’am.

'75 years of India's independence' 
To celebrate '75 years of India's independence' , the little ones of Pre School to class 3 came dressed up in a variety of colourful costumes. The children participated in a variety entertainment programme, which not only reminded us of all our 'brave leaders and soldiers ' who fought for our freedom but also rekindled our love for our country India.

Independence Day
Students of The Pinnacle School conducted a special assembly to celebrate Independence Day. The assembly began with the unfluring of the National Flag followed by the National Anthem. Student's highlighted 75 years of Independence where they show cased the achievements of India through a skit and a medley was performed by them on the life of the soldiers.

There was also a Jump Rope and Yoga demonstration. The assembly was concluded with a speech and distribution of zonal certificates by the Principal.

Match Day

The Pinnacle School , on 6 August, 2022 ,hosted  friendly basketball matches with Blue Bells for  senior, junior and sub junior categories. The matches were packed with energy and action.Both the schools played with a lot of enthusiasm and showcased excellent teamwork. The Pinnacle school students stole the show with their exceptional skills and made everyone very proud.


Inter-House ' Mental Maths Quiz' 

To develop a sense of responsibility and dedication towards their 'Houses', an Inter-House ' Mental Maths Quiz' was organized for the children of classes 1 to 3.  They were quizzed on all the concepts taught in class. They enjoyed being active participants in the quiz. They all tried their best to make their house win.


Nukkad Natak or street theatre is not just a word but an emotion. It is a form of theatrical performance and presentation of act in an open area in mostly large groups. Anyone can watch it free of cost and is mainly designed for common people with a social message. It can be anywhere including shopping centers, car parking, street corners etc.

Students of the  Eco Club of The Pinnacle School  performed a Nukkad Natak emphasizing the importance of using a cloth bag instead of a plastic bag and avoiding the use of a  single use plastic.

The group enthused the crowd with their street play, which was aimed at creating awareness on discarding polythene due to the environmental threat it poses through songs and a 10- minute skit. The message that protecting earth from the hazards of polythene is in the hands of people was enthusiastically received. plastic alternatives like jute and cotton bags or bags made out of recycled material like old newspapers was part of the message.

Students along with Mrs. Nameeta Chandel and Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Gopal took part in the distribution of pamphlets urging people not to use plastic material in any form. They explained to the passers-by the adverse effects of non-biodegradable material on animals, plants, marine species, and human beings. Principal of The Pinnacle School Mrs. Jasmeet Kaur flagged off the team.

An awareness rally on the need to ‘Avoid Single Use Of Plastic’ was organised on Monday dated 1st August 2022 by the members of Eco club, The Pinnacle School. Waving a banner that said, ‘Avoid Single Use Of Plastic’ that carried a green message, and raising slogans all along, the team of The Pinnacle School Eco Club flagged off in Panchsheel Enclave New Delhi . It was aimed at encouraging people to avoid use of plastic covers and bags that cause irrevocable damage to the environment.

Students of The Pinnacle School Eco Club along with Mrs. Nameeta Chandel and Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Gopal took part in the rally and distributed pamphlets urging people not to use plastic material in any form. They explained to the passers-by the adverse effects of non-biodegradable material on animals, plants, marine species, and human beings. Principal of The Pinnacle School Mrs. Jasmeet Kaur flagged off the rally along with teachers of the school.

Summer Holiday Homework Projects
The 'Summer Holiday Homework ' projects of classes 1 to 3 were put out for display .

Cultural Diversity of India
On the morning of 29 July  the premises of The Pinnacle school reverberated with life as  class 10 put forth an energy packed performance in their special assembly on the topic 'cultural diversity of India'. The different flavours of India were brought out in the dance performances and the skit The audience was thrilled to be a part of it.


Under the SEWA initiative, a “TREE PLANTATION DRIVE” was organized in the school on Friday, 27 July 2022 for class VI - XII students. The campaign’s main aim was to direct student’s mind in constructive activities with the positive outcome through the facilitation of contributing to the society. The various saplings including Mango tree, Neem tree and some medicinal plants planted by the students. The students participated in the drive enthusiastically and helped each other in planting the saplings. All the saplings were planted in the school ground by students. The students along with the teachers also took an oath to look after the planted saplings, plant more and more trees and encourage others to do the same. Some of the students also shared their experiences and shared their joy with others.

Such little steps taken together by the school and students will surely help in fostering strong mental and social health amongst today’s children so that they connect with their peers, their elders, their community and their environment.

A tick in my bucket list-- Visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan

 A visit to an event- based history museum as compared to other traditional object-based museums was a dream come true for the children. Technology supported, visitor-interactive museum with contextual stories woven around original collections, was a sight to behold! The 3-D holographic projections of the presidents of India, wonderful collection of gifts received by the them and the "Walk with Mahatma Gandhi" was just amazing.

The projection of our rich culture, history of pre-independence and post - independence Era was showcased with much elegance. It was an amazing trip and experience to remember.

Curious Minds At Work

The science week was observed in The Pinnacle School from 18 July '22 to 22 July ‘2022, for classes 4-10.The theme for the same was Biotic and Abiotic elements that surround us.The students of all the classes were involved in various science activities. They became part of a scientific journey, learning and exploring by doing activities and experiments. They discovered new facts with the help of their mentors and keenly shared their knowledge with their teachers and classmates.

Hariyali Utsav

The Pinnacle school celebrated the Hariyali Utsav on 14/7/22.The hariyali oath to keep the environment clean and green was administered and repeated by the students.

World Environment Day

On 12th July 2022 the World Environment Day was celebrated in the school. A special assembly was conducted where the students emphasized on keeping the environment clean and safe for the future generation. Activities like pamphlets making on medicinal plants, animals creation using various leaves of different shape and size, recyclable dustbin making with the pledge and extempore was done by the students. Students participated enthusiastically and showed their concern towards the environment.

Hello Doctors 

On 2nd July, 2022 The Pinnacle School Students of classes 9-12 wrote heartfelt Thank You notes to the doctors who so selflessly served us during the pandemic. The students were very articulate in expressing themselves and gave credit to doctors for all that they did at a time when our near and dear ones could also not be with us

Doctors Day

 The DOCTORS DAY Assembly was conducted on 8th July, 2022 by the students from classes 4 to 8.
Students participated with great enthusiasm.The assembly came to a closure by paying a perfect tribute to all the doctors who have made relentless efforts towards the lives of everyone and depicting the true symbol of love, charity, sacrifice, bravery, and courage.

International Yoga Day 
International yoga day was celebrated on 5 July 2022.The yoga teacher did a host of stretching exercises , followed by breathing exercises and enumerated the benefits of the same.

ATL workshop 

Selected students of the The Pinnacle School attended ATL workshop at Birla Vidya Niketan School to foster an environment of innovation and creativity. Students were exposed to various hands on activities on electronic components, breadboard, RGB, LED control by switch etc.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was celebrated by the students of The Pinnacle School on May 7th , 2022.Students wrote poems, messages, designed cards and badges , dedicating them to their mothers. Their creativity was proof of how much love they felt for their mothers.

Laughter Day
Laughter is the best medicine and what better way to make the students laugh than to organize a Kavi samelan.The budding poets and poetesses of the school came forward and participated in it on May 19th, making the students laugh.

World Book Day & Copyright Day

Books are our best friends.To perpetuate the love for books amongst our students we celebrated World Book day  and World Copyright Day on 23 April 2022. Students were engaged in a plethora of activities revolving around books and stories. They showed great zeal and enthusiasm while attempting the activities.

Heritage Day

The Pinnacle School organized heritage day celebration on 28th April 2022 to raise awareness about the true meaning of heritage, its importance and the need of its preservation. Keeping the theme in mind for this year “Heritage and Climate” that offers a platform to respond to questions of climate change and equity to protect heritage. This implies   "The conservation of cultural heritage requires careful examination of the past, and its practice demands provision for the future".

It was aimed to encourage students to consider the importance of cultural heritage in our lives and to promote awareness about the efforts required to protect and conserve it and spread awareness of our rich cultural diversity that our ancestors have given us, and the importance of preserving our ancient heritage.

Students of grade 6-12 participated whole heartedly in the activities conducted that day. Students worked on various activities like making beautiful cards celebrating Urs of Nizamuddin Aulia. , making beautiful pankhas depicting the annual celebration by the flower- sellers of Delhi, Phool walon ki sair—Celebration of India’s diversity and harmony, giving captions to Hertage site pictures.


The Pinnacle School started out in 1958 as ‘Tiny Tots School’, a small kindergarten and nursery school in Defence Colony, South Delhi. It was established by Mrs. Babs Noronha, the war widow of Wing Commander S. B. Noronha, India’s first recipient of the Maha Vir Chakra gallantry award.

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