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The School

The Pinnacle Staff

The Pinnacle School success has been built on the dedication and professionalism of its staff, many of whom have been with the school for decades. We always select the best staff to handle young minds. They are appointed only when they meet rigorous selection criteria, plus a personal assessment of their aptitude to handle complex tasks. Periodic inspections are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers, and opportunities provided for refresher courses covering curriculum and appropriate methodology.

Senior Section

  • Jasmeet  Kaur (Principal)
  • Anita Batra
  • Anurag Singh
  • Ashima Bashin
  • Atul Kukreja
  • A. Majumder
  • Bulbul Saha
  • Bhawna  Kharbanda
  • Deepti Madan
  • Madhuri Pachauri
  • Manavta Kaushal
  • Meeta Kumra
  • Monika Khanna
  • Neha Goel
  • Neha Sharma
  • Nameeta Chandel
  • Nirmala Sharma
  • Pooja Aggarwal
  • Priyanka Mahajan
  • Richa Zandu
  • Garima Chhabra
  • Rose Ann Braganza
  • Sonia Sharma
  • Stephanie Ellis

Junior Section

  • Rita Sinha (Section Head)
  • Adrienne Rosario
  • Anna Desmond
  • Christine Rozario
  • Delphine Mukhi
  • Gurmeit Lamba
  • Meenu Pasi
  • Michelle M. Shakil
  • Patricia Hooper
  • Pratibha Lal
  • Rachna Verma
  • Ranita Ohri
  • Renu Kumar
  • Simranjeet Kaur
  • Shallu Sharma
  • Shweta Kukreja
  • Vijaylakshmi Gopal

Physical Training

  • C. Kushwaha (Yoga)
  • Lalita Samania
  • Pawan Saini

Activity  Teachers

  • Alma Kohli (Dance Teacher)
  • Anita Chhabra – Art & Craft (Senior)
  • Roszanna Snellekz – Art & Craft (Junior)
  • Vinita Walia – Music

Teams of professionals ensure that the Finance, Administration and Human Resources functions of the school work seamlessly.


  • Anil Kumar
  • Biju Varghese
  • D.S. Rana
  • Dhanpal Singh Rawat
  • Gaurav Jain
  • Joanna Farnworth
  • Marilyn Leene
  • N.T. Tomy
  • P.M. Jha
  • Sanjeev Anand

Other “Helping Hands” maintain our school premises.
Thanks to them, The Pinnacle School always looks like a green oasis-an environment that welcomes each and every one in a special way.

The Pinnacle School started out in 1958 as ‘Tiny Tots School’, a small kindergarten and nursery school in Defence Colony, South Delhi. It was established by Mrs. Babs Noronha, the war widow of Wing Commander S. B. Noronha, India’s first recipient of the Maha Vir Chakra gallantry award.

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