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Bus Facilities :

The school is not obliged to offer bus facilities to all students. This facility is subject to availability of seats. The buses operate on pre-determined routes and no changes in the routes or bus stops will be made.

  • The school provides transport facility to its students as per the existing route. Parents are requested to note that bus routes are planned to suit the convenience of the majority who use the bus, hence routes cannot be changed or extended to cater to individual requirements at the cost of time and distance.
  • If a child changes his/her residence, a change to another bus is not permitted.
  • Bus facility for P.S and P.P children will not be provided
  • It’s the parents’ responsibility to take care of their children to school by Private Vans.
  • Students are not allowed to go by any other bus-route other than the one allotted under any circumstances, e.g. visiting their relatives, friends.
  • Behaviour in the bus must be polite. Loud-talking, playing games, or running will not be permitted.
  • Unruly and indiscipline behavior in the bus will lend to debarring the student of availing the bus facility.
  • Students are not permitted to add a new stop for their convenience.
    Bus will not wait for latecomers at the bus stop.
  • Any problem related to bus/bus route should be brought to the notice of Transport In- charge through an application in writing.
  • The bus fee must be paid for 11 months.
  • Students who misbehave in the school buses, which cause inconvenience to the driver or conductor or causes annoyance to the fellow travelers, will not be permitted to continue using the school bus.
The Pinnacle School started out in 1958 as ‘Tiny Tots School’, a small kindergarten and nursery school in Defence Colony, South Delhi. It was established by Mrs. Babs Noronha, the war widow of Wing Commander S. B. Noronha, India’s first recipient of the Maha Vir Chakra gallantry award.

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