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Visitors / Workshops

Sony BBC

Sony BBC Earth held a program "Feel Alive" on 24th January 2023 for classes VIII and IX to impart knowledge on environment and sustainability. The students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session on science experiments and DIY workshop, which was insightful, engaging, and a lot of fun for the students. Eco-friendly goodies  were given to the students who interacted and answered questions. The session ended with a note of thanks from Sony BBC team to the Principal.

Inspiring Change

There is always something new to learn in everyday life. In the current scenario, child psychology is becoming more relevant in our lives and especially in the education field.
To understand and to teach children, it is very important to understand child psychology. No child is the same. They react  differently in  different situations.
Child Psychology therefore helps teachers to develop unique techniques that apply to every child. It comes handy when dealing with children and boosts the learning outcomes and teaching processes.
Keeping this in mind, a training for teachers was organized by ORANGE Publications on the 9th September,2022, where the resource person, Dr. Gurpreet, spoke on the topic: Child Psychology.
Relevant tips were shared on how we could improve our teaching skills by understanding and building a rapport with children. We could also bring about a change in children if we create, implement and review our planning by understanding each child’s motivation. There would be a major transformation in a child’s behaviour, if we can strike the right balance between empathy and firmness.
There was another session on 'High Impact Teaching Skills' organized by ORANGE Publications again. The speaker, Mr. Sandeep Solanki, presented a very interesting session in a humorous way but there was no deviation from the message which he wanted to put across and it was  crystal clear to all.
He laid emphasis on few major points which we could use to make our teaching more effective. One of the points was stressing on KEY words while teaching so that the concept remains embedded in the child’s memory. He also apprised us of how we should repeat and recall the concepts at regular intervals so that it is not forgotten. He included various games and presentations to prove what he stated was true.
It was a fun session with a lot to learn and practice to make our teaching more fruitful.

Cyber security online workshop for the parents

Young people need a good understanding of cyber security because they are often exposed to cyber threats. This has however increased manifold more so during the current times when everything from leisure to education is available to them through the online mode. However, talking about this subject with our own children can be quite a challenge.  We at The Pinnacle School believe in working in coordination with the parents to ensure that our students are protected from falling prey to any such malicious intent. Keeping that in mind we organized an online session on 22nd August 2020 with experts in the domain of Cyber Security Ms. Shifa Cyclewala and Mr. Rohit to guide us as educators and parents to help our children walk the path of online learning safely.

Visit of Dr. Aditya Arya- Special Commisioner of Armed Police

Dr. Aditya Arya, Special Commissioner of Armed Police, Delhi, visited The Pinnacle School on 11th May 2012. It was a great privilege and honour for the school to have in our midst one of the finest Police officials, who has earned an excellent reputation for his forthright approach to improving the role of the Police everywhere he has served.

After a traditional welcome and the lighting of the lamp, Dr. Arya was given a glimpse of the variety of cultural activities of The Pinnacle School, namely singing, folk dance, yoga and a Nukkad Natak. Dr. Arya then had an hour-long interaction with the students. His words were both, enlightening and inspirational.

Visit of Jon MC Bride – Astronaut

Jon A. Mc Bride – an astronaut from NASA visited the Pinnacle school on 2 April 2012, to meet and interact with the senior students. He had commandeered the space shuttle Challenger with a team of 6 other astronauts in 1984. He showed a short film on the challenge of an astronaut’s life in a space shuttle. It was both amazing and extremely interesting. His message to the children was “study! You are doing what you are supposed to be doing right now – so study well and aim for the stars!”

He told the children that he had always wanted to be an astronaut and had planned his life to that end. He was a Naval Aviator for 15 years and followed in the steps of Alan shepherd till he got chosen to enter the Space Programme at NASA. His visit was motivational and inspiring. He presented each participant with an autographed photograph which has his biographical data.


PATTA (Pinnacle and Tiny Tots Alumni Association) was first formed and its objectives laid in 2008. Old school friends were tracked down and invitations were mailed to ex-students. registrations were made and the guest list prepared. The meet was meant to be an amalgamation of the 80s, 90s and 2000 batches. Such reunions will be continued in the future too.

The ‘STUDY INDIA PROGRAMME’ at the Pinnacle School

On 23rd August 2010 a team of three students from the University of Birmingham in the U.K. visited us at The Pinnacle School .This was a five day educational and cultural exchange organized by the Study India Programme. The visitors adjusted well and became part and parcel of the day to day activities, and they enjoyed every moment in the school.The school had planned a number of activities and workshops for their entire five day visit, which gave them an insight in to India’s Heritage. This exchange brought out the similarities of both the countries. Interactive sessions were also held on European culture. This interaction brought about joy and creative exchange of ideas between individuals of two different parts of the world. These Interactions create value in ones life. Some day the whole world will be one and interactions like these bring us closer to that day.


Mr. Jitender Singh, MP, Alwar

Initiating a new process of introducing students to leaders who have achieved prominence in their respective profession is a new initiative for us at the Pinnacle school. Commencing the endeavour was Mr. Jitender Singh, MP, from Alwar. His steady journey from being an engineer to becoming a parliamentarian was exemplary in many contexts. His candid approach in answering the questions posed by the students allied with his simplicity and humility, spoke volumes about the man. A strong patriot, he believes that one can make a difference if one had the will, determination, courage and above all, the belief in one’s ability. His presence and his words surely motivated many students who started to look at politics in a different light and also as a future profession.

Sharmila Tagore in the Spotlight :

She came, She Smiled, She Spoke And Swept us off our feet!

Dignity, humility and beauty personified in one, Sharmila Tagore epitomizes the ideals of today’s working women who can create a good balance between family and world.

On 16 April, we hosted Mrs. Sharmila Tagore

She applauded the children for their excellent discipline and the cultural programme they had put up to welcome her to the school.Talking about her own childhood, she inspired students with her story wherein she started working in films at the age of 13; but had to

leave her school because in those days working in films was considered to be a bad influence. Yet in the face of all these adversities, she not only climbed the steps of a great career but also received a good education. On a lighter note, when one student enquired which profession was better. ‘Cricket or films?’, she smiled and chose the latter for the simple reason that retirement comes early in the game of cricket, but one can still find work in films at any age. At the end of the day, it was all about what one is passionate about as one should find the right reason in choosing a profession and not just because it is glamorous. The overall experience was enlivening and highly inspirational as she encouraged the students to achieve success through humility and compassion rather than opting for a glamorous or fashionable profession. She came across as a role model for all our students that day, which was truly worth remembering.

The Pinnacle School started out in 1958 as ‘Tiny Tots School’, a small kindergarten and nursery school in Defence Colony, South Delhi. It was established by Mrs. Babs Noronha, the war widow of Wing Commander S. B. Noronha, India’s first recipient of the Maha Vir Chakra gallantry award.

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